Have you ever wanted your very own talking Wookiee or a robotic Stormtrooper? How about realistic magnetic badges to show your ranking as a starship captain? You are in luck because this is the year of some amazing collectible releases from Star Wars and Star Trek. Whether you are a fan of Star Wars, the massively influential Star Trek series, or both we have a list of some amazing Toy Fair 2018 previews that will surely be perfect for your collection.

FurReal Friends' Chewie.
Photo Credit: Hasbro

Everyone knows that iconic growling sound a Wookiee makes. Now Hasbro has taken everyone’s favorite co-pilot and created a 16-inch tall talking Chewbacca that even has facial recognition. As part of their FurReal Friends toy line, Hasbro showed off this cute and cuddly Chewie to be your perfect companion. He has multiple reactions whether you rub his belly, fly him around the room or just give him a pat on the head. You can even rock him in your arms and with closed eyes he will snore away. It’s super cute! Check out this video we found below showing off all this little guy can do!

The FurReal Chewbacca will be released from Hasbro later this year in the Fall for $129.99. Keep an eye out for where to purchase yours at Hasbro.com.

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