Also from QMx are some new magnetic badges. Starting with a release of a Black badge in April they also plan to release Discovery cadet badges in mid-April and a Klingon emblem badge coming in May. Having already proven their quality with their existing set of badges these new additions will make great add-on to every fan’s wardrobe.

Credit: Kasandra Brabaw/

You can pick up yours for just $14.95 over at next month.

3Doodler Create Star Trek Pen Set
Photo Credit: ThinkGeek

We have saved one of the best previews for last with this super cool 3Doodler’s “Star Trek” kit. For the artistically inclined this kit includes stencils to make 15 different projects along with a 3D replicator pen to make everything from Klingon prosthetics to your own small scale starships. It is relatively easy to use and honestly the applications are endless. You can even create your own badges making this the perfect way to make that quick cosplay for your next Star Trek event. For more info on how to use this 3Doodler check out the video below.

You can purchase yours now from ThinkGeek. They currently carry the project kit for $18.99 and the full set with the pen for $64.


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