A new #1 from Nick Spencer will join an array of other comics as a part of Marvel’s Fresh Start initiative this summer.

Spencer, who recently completed his run on Captain America and wrote the Secret Empire event for Marvel, announced some time ago that he would be taking over for longtime Spidey writer Dan Slott, but this is the first time we’ve seen it officially announced by the company. Artist Ryan Ottley (Invincible), in his first assignment for Marvel, will be joining Spencer on the book.

Spencer describes Spider-Man as a dream for him and says he had Ottley in mind as soon as he pitched the book.

I knew that Ryan was wrapping on Invincible, and I kept thinking, ‘God, would he be the perfect person for this?’ Spider-Man is such an artist book. It’s contained some of the best artists in Marvel Comics history, and I really do believe that Ryan, if he wants to be, is really one of the best superhero artists working in comics. And so, he was very much on the dream list, and we’re so lucky and thankful that he was interested in doing it, and we’re just [having] so much fun so far. And you know working with him is naturally a joy, and the pages are just so perfect. They’re really gonna blow people away.

First of all, Ryan does the action sequences better than just about anyone. So, learning to step with him on that has been a lot of fun. His sense of motion, his character’s mobility, you really could not find a more perfect artist for an elastic character like Spider-Man. With Ryan, he really likes to put the camera at crazy angles, lots of motion, lots of speed bumps. The other thing that I love about Ryan is his panel density. Ryan’s been working within a grid, and so when you want to play the action down and get close in on some things, he can deliver that for you. For a writer, it’s an enormous dream to work with somebody like him because he really can do anything.

Spencer will take over Spider-Man following Slott’s 10-year run which has seen the webslinger undergo some major changes and he says he plans to reconnect with some of the more classic Parker/Spidey issues:

I think that a lot of what I’ll be doing is reconnecting Peter with some very classic, quintessential elements of the story that fans and readers are going to recognize. And it’s exciting to bring the character back to basics and, at the same time, Dan has obviously had one of the best runs on the character ever, and we’re certainly going to honor the things that he’s done and build from there.

The best Spider-Man, his personal [trouble] is mirroring his troubles in costume, and the two stories are feeding each other and being Spider-Man always comes with considerable costs to Peter. It’s always getting in the way of his life. So, to me, it’s kind of a dance between those two things at this stage.

For Spencer, part of reconnecting with classic Spidey is his fantastic cast of supporting characters:

When you get excited to write Spider-Man, it’s because you’re also excited to write Jonah and Aunt May and MJ and Black Cat. You know, just there’s so many incredible characters in this orbit, so getting to play with that cast, getting to make them a big part of our story is key. And I can say pretty much all of your favorites will be making an appearance at some point.

Finally, Spencer assures readers that we can expect a lot of fun moments for Peter as he explores the parts of him that makes him one of Marvel’s most popular characters:

We’re gonna tell a really fun, funny, human character-driven story here. But a key part of it is also what Peter’s role in the Marvel universe is, and what the Marvel universe looks like from his vantage point. That’s always fun. Because he is the every man character, because he is the working class hero. You know when he’s next to those other Marvel heroes, he really stands out. It really helps make what’s unique about the character strength.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 will be in stores this June.

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