During an interview with the screenwriter Jeremy Adams of Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash, The screenwriter described the reasoning behind the Lego DC films. He goes on to say how he wants to make Lego DC movies to introduce these iconic characters to a younger audience. Adams wanted to make these films very simple and fun as a way to expose the audience to these characters. The goal was to make their personalities be even more extreme as to grab the attention of the audience. When was the Writer asked “Do you think you would be interested in starting an animated series on there? (DC Streaming Service)”

Jeremy Adams replied “A Lego animated series? I would always be interested in doing something like that, it would be interesting to see if the Powers That Be would be interested in doing something like that I think it would be a great idea”

Jeremy Adams goes on to say that he would love to have Blue Beetle be in the next Lego DC film. And he promises that the DC Streaming Service is going to be great.

Would you like to see a Lego DC animated series? Which heroes would you like to see in this universe?

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