A group of young people are the only ones who can uproot eggs for an alien race in Prism Stalker #1.

The group live on an asteroid and work in the Sverans hive.  They were taken off their home planet to work for them. One of the group is offered a special position and it is an offer she can’t refuse.

Holy guacamole was this a boring and confusing comic.  The first half or so was just a fever dream of nonsense and gibberish.  Once that aspect ended I was excited for the comic to actually begin and make sense.  However, that absolutely didn’t happen. I have no idea why they are there, how long they’ve been there or who exactly these Sverans are.

During the first three-fourths of the issue I thought they were inside a body.  It looked to me like they were white blood cells or some other kind body organism or something.  I was actually pretty interested in seeing some social conflicts cells have with each other. However, I was sadly mistaken and it is about…well I actually don’t really know.  I do know it has something to do with aliens though.

I think the worst problem is the issue never explained why I should care about these people.  The unofficial head of the group does something heroic, but I get zero insight into her or her personality.  She is a pretty flat character.

Also nothing is ever explained about who the Sverans are.  I don’t know if they are good or evil. They have the group uproot their eggs, but I don’t really know if they are treated well or not.  The reason why the group has to pull out the eggs and not the Sverans is never explained.

The only positive thing I can say about the issue is it using an interesting color palette.  A lot of the colors are very muted and washed out. It looks like it used to be extremely colorful, but over the years the colors faded and this is what we were left with.  It wasn’t throughout the comic, but even when the colors are bright they seem to be dulled a bit.

I can’t think of another comic which does this sort of thing with its colors.  There are many comics which use bright colors, but none I can think of which washes the colors out.  It was a very interesting choice and I appreciate the comic taking the risk.

This issue was boring and was so boring I don’t care what happens in issue two.  The issue did nothing to entice me to read anything else in the series. I hate to say it but this is by far the worst thing I’ve read in quite some time.






Written by: Sloane Leong

Art by: Sloane Leong

Cover by: Sloane Leong and Darius Ou

Release: 3/7/18

Issue: 1

Publisher: Image Comics


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