It won’t be long until the full game releases March 20th, but until then Rare has launched the Final Beta for Sea of Thieves for this weekend. The Beta will run until 2 am PST on Sunday. The team has also added a new voyage to the Final Beta titled Merchant Alliance, where you will carry out shipments of supplies in exchange for rewards. You can now also plunder Skelly Forts for loads of treasure.

“This is Rare’s biggest test yet, and the team is excited to see how many players turn up. To ensure a quality experience for everyone that is already in and playing, we expect temporary holds on other players joining active sessions whilst the team manages overall player load. In the event of player bottlenecks, Rare will be sharing latest news and status via the status page on, as well as regular updates on Twitter from the official @SeaofThieves handle.”

All hands on deck and smooth sailing!

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