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If you didn’t think the Academy was biased against the Superhero Genre before, you would be hard pressed to deny it after Logan was painfully snubbed from any decent nomination. Sure, it received a Best Adapted Screenplay nom, but it should have also received Best Supporting Actor (Patrick Stewart), Best Supporting Actress (Daphne Keen), Best Actor (Hugh Jackman), and Best Picture.  This film is right up there with The Dark Knight, which if it wasn’t for the unfortunate tragic death of Heath Ledger I wonder if it would have attracted as much awards season attention that it did. With that said….I want to also add that it could have very well received a Best Visual Effects nomination, because look at the work of the VFX company, Image Engine;

LOGAN | X-24 Digital Double | Image Engine from Image Engine on Vimeo.

As you can see, a body double was used with Hugh Jackman’s face digitally imposed onto the double’s body. This is seamless work in comparison to the work done on I, Tonya where it isn’t so seamless. Just listening to the score makes me want to see this tragic pic again! For those who believe that Hugh Jackman will be making a comeback you shouldn’t get your hopes up. James Mangold is apparently working on a spinoff with X-23 aka Laura aka Wolverine’s daughter as the central character.

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