Chuck Carter is at that time in his life when his body goes through changes like turning into an inside out muscle man in The Beef #2.

After Mary-Lynn was covered in cow blood and brains at the end of the previous issue Carter went to check on her.  As he is inquiring about her wellbeing Carter turns into the meat monster known as The Beef. Everyday Carter eats excitotoxins in his food, drink and just from the environment around him at work.  A normal person would not be affected by it much. However, Carter is exposed to so much excitotoxins that it transformed him.

Carter grew in size and has increased strength.  He was able to flip Khristos and Gaelan’s car over.  When Carter sees himself in the mirror he is horrified by what he sees.  He tells Mary-Lynn not to look at him as he leaps away.

He lands in a field with some cattle and begins to vomit.  Once he he pukes up some green substance he returns to normal and passes out.  The owner of the meat plant comes over to see the mess his grandsons have caused.  He makes some arrangements to make sure Mary-Lynn’s family would be talking about what they saw.

This comic is really weird and I knew this issue would be just as weird as the first.  However, what I had hoped for was this issue would start to make sense. I was disappointed and this issue makes no sense.  It doesn’t really explain how Carter changed, but explains why. The direction the comic is going is really unclear. I thought it would be a superhero comic, but now I don’t think that is the direction it is going.

I also wanted more of The Beef.  It would be interesting if Carter had to live his life like that.  Having to see his interactions with the outside world and trying to become accustomed to his new bizarre life would have been really cool.

Something which I did like and find interesting is Mary-Lynn’s life.  This issue describes her and her family crossing over to the US. Seeing the hardship of saving up to be smuggled over and how they did it was interesting, but this is only a small part of the issue.

I felt this series so far is really just an artistic exercise.  It seems to just be a vehicle to showcase art and the story is secondary.

This was a pretty boring comic, but the stuff I found interesting was really good.  However, the good stuff was used very sparingly and it made the issue lackluster.







Written by: Tyler Shainline and Richard Starkings

Art by: Shaky Kane

Cover by: Shaky Kane

Release: 3/28/18

Issue: 2

Publisher: Image Comics


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