In the Visual Dictionary and Guide of The Last Jedi, Snoke is said to disguise his true form in the presence of other and downplays his wounds. He’s said to dress for comfort over fashion due to him being heavily injured but yet we hear a loud thudding sound as he walks. Is Snoke wearing designer platform boots or is he just a heavy walker? Snoke is said to also possess “force-aided” abilities to manipulate. Could this possibly mean that Snoke was pretending to be Vader and showing Kylo the ways of the Darkside? Also, his throne shown in The Force Awakens seems to be completely different than the one shown in The Last Jedi. When Snoke was “murdered” he was cut in half just like ol’ Darth Maul who is known to have survived that. But don’t you think it’s a little far-fetched to think that Snoke is really dead? Padme Amidala had several decoys when she was undergoing assassination attempts from The Trade Federation, wouldn’t you think the Supreme Leader of the entire galaxy would have decoys as well? The final film of the trilogy is said to tie all the movies together so let’s hope we aren’t continued to be let down by the mystery of Snoke’s identity and his true fate.

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