Super SeducerYou’ve probably heard about it by now. Even if you haven’t, the name alone likely elicits an immediate reaction.

We previously told you that Super Seducer, created by best-selling author and dating coach Richard La Ruina, might be the most controversial game of the year. And we couldn’t have been more on the money, as Super Seducer has unleashed a hailstorm of both critical disdain and adoration.

Some have hated the title, seeing it as sexist or outright sleazy. Some just think it’s a terrible game. Others have had a blast playing the game and see it as humorously entertaining. Meanwhile, some described it as a great tool to teach shy guys how to approach women normally out of their self-imposed reach.

In fact, Shanna Vincent (Mr. Right, Homefront, American Ultra), principal actor from Super Seducer, had this to say about the positive message of the game: “Before I was cast in this role, I had the opportunity to read the script and to speak with Richard, and I do firmly believe the game puts women in a powerful role and does try to correct bad male behavior.”

So what could trigger such a wide array of reactions from both sexes and across the globe?

We all know that we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, right? So, we’d like to invite you to check out Super Seducer for yourself and make up your own mind about the game’s merits (or lack thereof)!

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