NerdHQ and That Hashtag Show are teaming up for the most explosive celestial event since Superman’s home planet went kablooey! The Krypton Aftershow isn’t just a show, it’s an event of unprecedented proportions that will cross platforms, leap websites, bend boundaries, and warp spacetime!

And so begins our “March to Krypton” campaign; all month long, leading up to the big day, we’ll release entertaining and educational (entercational?) articles, lists, and comical videos in honor of Superman’s doomed home planet and the upcoming series. We’ll land our hovercars (or saddled dragons if you prefer the MOS continuity) at the SXSW Krypton World Premiere for first reactions and early reviews. Then “Pregame Play Along” with us as we Twitch and glitch through Superman’s sordid history of video games (I’m not just talking about the N64, I mean the weird NES one, and beyond).

When the big day arrives, you’re invited to “Watch With Me,” a second screen style way to watch Krypton’s premiere along with our hosts and celebrity guests, live! It’s like we’re in your living room watching, except we can’t hog the popcorn, and we remembered to take our shoes off this time. Just don’t “shush” us… that’s rude. There’s a volume button for that, guys! Come on!

Finally, straight outta Krypton, our Aftershow airs. We’ll be there to pick up the pieces of Kryptonite debris and explain what it all means. Part roundtable discussion, part comedy extravaganza, we’ll reveal the Easter eggs we find, review the comic references we see, answer your questions, and unveil all of the sketches we can write, shoot, edit and post in time.

Watch this space for more of… well, everything!!!

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