BB-8 Reveals Rey’s Goodbye

In this scene Finn is contemplating leaving the Resistance, then BB-8 rolls over and shows him a hologram of when Rey was looking after him when he was in a coma.

Johnson said he wanted this scene to remind the audience that Rey and Finn had a strong friendship first and foremost.

Johnson said:

“I was looking for any opportunity I could to emotionally connect those two,” the director says. “I thought it was a really sweet little scene. I loved John Boyega’s performance in it. Ultimately it was meant to explain his motivation for going [to find Rey and quit the Resistance], but we realized that you understood his motivation, because he tells it to Rose. Once we realized we could get away without it, it was something that just naturally fell away.”

So watch out what say and do around BB-8. he will spy and record you.

“Little sneak,” Johnson says. “You’ve got to watch what you’re saying about BB-8. It’s all on the record.”

Missing out in this scene resulted in us missing out on a good joke. “I miss John’s line, ‘That’s kind of creepy you recorded that.’”

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