After month’s of anticipation Robert Kirkman’s Oblivion Song finally hits shelves. With so much hype that a trailer was released, Oblivion Song looks to be the writer’s next masterpiece. Whereas The Walking Dead was post-apocalyptic, Kirkman has been describing this series as “apocalypse adjacent”.


Chillin’ Out Maxin’ Relaxin’

Set in Philadelphia, 10 years prior to this issue, a large chunk of the city underwent “transference” with the dimension known as Oblivion. Roughly 300,000 people disappeared in this temporal shift. In it’s place a part of Oblivion appeared in its stead bringing with it creatures never seen before.


At the beginning of this book we see Nathan Cole on a solo mission in Oblivion looking for those lost. Cole as described by Kirkman “with old broke down equipment, on a shoestring budget, with things he’s put together himself continues to try and save people even though he has no support himself.” As the story unfolds we learn what Cole’s real motivation is for travelling to Oblivion and trying to regain funding for his project from the government.


Good things come

“I got the initial nugget for this idea nearly a decade ago. That idea would grow
and evolve and change (and I believe improve) over the years as I’d add new
elements and see it in new angles. The opening scene of this issue is something
I’d think over often as I was drifting off to sleep, or staring at the back of a
seat on an airplane. This soldier with his malfunctioning belt having to stab
himself with his own magic bullet to escape the jaws of an unknown creature.
I would often wonder when I was going to get around to telling that story… what was I waiting for? “

Lorenzo De Felici is that answer. Leaning on De Felici’s creativity, Kirkman describes the creatures and scenes he wants then lets the artist’s imagination run wild. Son of two biologists, De Felici is a perfect pairing for creating new monsters out of whole cloth ranging from the size of a building to a small dog.

With a years worth of issues already written and a climactic 25th issue hinted at, Oblivion Song will be a permanent fixture in my pull list.

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