Wondercon 2018 has been full of surprises, exciting news, and previews of new shows and upcoming feature films! I got the chance to check out the panel for Freeform’s upcoming new show, Siren. On the panel was Eline Powell (Ryn), Alex Roe (Ben), Fola Evans-Akingbola (Maddie), Ian Verdun (Xander), Rena Owen (Helen), and Sibongile Mlambo (Donna). As well as, show writer/creator Eric Wald (View From The Top) and showrunner Emily Whitesell (Finding Carter) letting us know that we’ve never seen mermaids like this before.

We definitely, very much wanted the show to take place in the real world. There’s a supernatural element to it, obviously, but everything should feel grounded and as much scientific fact as possible so that it plays very real and authentic…The fact that we don’t really know what’s out there. The ocean, we know almost less about the ocean than we do about outer space. And so there’s that possibility of What if? – Eric Wald  

Siren is based in the coastal town of Bristol Cove, which is known for its local legend of once being home to mermaids. One day, a mysterious girl appears and turns this tiny fishing town on its head. Eline Powell (Game of Thrones), who plays Ryn, promises that these are not your average mermaids, and she is definitely NOT Ariel.

[Ryn’s] hair doesn’t get brushed everyday and she doesn’t have flounder… [Playing a mermaid] It’s so much fun. You’re letting your imagination go and going very, very instinctive, feral, and wild… Mermaid’s don’t hold back; what they feel is what they show. So, that’s wonderfully liberating. And they’re badass.

During the panel, we were given a glimpse into the 2 hour series premiere. Wald, having been influenced by Jaws, Splash, and the Pirates of the Caribbean mermaid upgrade, wanted to continue the reinvention of mermaids with the style of his own show by giving it an Indie/Horror cinematic feel.

The clip shows Ryn wandering naked, dirty, and confused down a road where Ben comes upon her. Ryn takes in her surroundings like a child seeing Disneyland for the first time, but with a feral, animalistic quality. Ryn doesn’t speak, but she does have a siren song.

It’s a tool they use to draw humans in…a knife can be used to prepare a beautiful meal or it can  be used as a weapon. Our siren song gets used both ways this season. – Eric Wald

After this panel and mini preview, my interest is definitely peaked. Siren premiere’s Thursday, March 29 (International Mermaid Day) at 8pm on Freeform. Will you be watching?

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