While at a Boom Studios Shattered Grid Panel the issue was announced to be out Wednesday. An exclusive cover for Shattered Grid to everyone in the audience.

The whole audience got their hands on the comic and they all took ten minutes to read the issue as they finished it they learned that there is an event that happens at the end of the comic that changes the whole dynamic of the comic series and is a great way to start off this series.


And while showing some exclusive photos the name of the Mystery Zord that has been circulating was named as Gravezord, the zord is made up of scraps of old zords in Lord Drakkon‘s universe.

A new Shattered Grid cover was shown that the panel that showcased a bunch of zords all in one picture.  One can assume multiple teams will work together to stop Lord Drakkon’s reign of terror!

Also, a picture of Kimberly as the Ranger Slayer was shown and her identity was confirmed. It shows Kimberly in an Awesome suit with a special bow called the “Bow of Darkness”

Also, a Free Comic Book Day comic will be released on Saturday, May 5th which will be a story of Zordon and his hail Mary move to stop Lord Drakkon.

The new Shattered Grid is released on Wednesday pick it up to check out and find out what happens in the very first issue.


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