TMS Entertainment USA announces that a new style of anime series inspired by TOMORROW’S JOE (aka Ashita no Joe), called MEGALOBOX, will launch on Crunchyroll on April 5thsimultaneously with Japan’s broadcast.
MEGALOBOX (13 x 30-minute episodes) began from the enthusiasm throughout the world for the celebration of TOMORROW’S JOE’s 50th anniversary. This original anime series will have a new type of retro-anime style that will begin a trend that states: what is old is new again. 
The series has highly proclaimed members on the production team: Director and Conceptual Design by Yo Moriyama (Visual Concept for the TV series Screening Giant) and Series Composition and Screenplay by Katsuhiko Manabe (Screenplay for the movie Fist of the North Star: The Legends of the True Savior)
The show is a futuristic boxing drama that will appeal to a broader age range with the younger crowd looking at the cool retro art style and the older crowd reminiscing about the classics. The dramatic animation and music consisting of contemporary hip-hop will draw in its audience.
“As a child in Japan, I remember watching TOMORROW’S JOE and my brother collected all the comics. What MEGALOBOX will bring is that cool retro look of the original and merge it into a futuristic dystopia that no one has ever done before. It’s really bringing a new form of Anime style to the next level!” said Masami Tokunaga, Vice President of TMS USA.

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