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First Impression

            Either you were inspired by Power Rangers or Gundam, we all dreamed at one point or another of owning our own giant robot we could pilot. The closest I ever got to that dream was with Armored Core 3 back in 2002, and there was nothing else like it.

When I was handed Assault Gunners HD Edition to play and do a review on, my first thought was: “Whoa! Mecha and anime! That is my S###”. All sorts of anime titles started bouncing around in my head; Gurren Lagann, Evangelion, Gundam Wing, and Escaflowne… Just to name a few of my favorites. But most of all I was hoping that the game would be like Armored Core in at least some small way.

Game in a Nutshell
Assault Gunners were originally released in Japan for the PS Vita back in 2012, and only die-hard Japanese-American gamers really knew about it here in the west. It’s 2018 and we are getting an HD version of the Japanese title with the DLC included. I am not one to make a big deal of HD versions, It’s basically the same game just spit and polished to look nice, but with no new content. Although, there are exceptions to HD remakes (Final Fantasy, Zelda, Etc.). For Assault Gunners, it does not seem to be the case.
Let me just get to the point; if you get it on PS4, great! This game was on PS Vita and works great with controllers (except for the fact that there are no sensitivity options to the controls). But if you choose to play this game on PC with a keyboard and mouse, you are going to run into some annoyances. I was not able to adjust the keys to something else that I preferred (once I figured out which keys were used for the game as there were no instructions or control layouts for keyboard). My solution was to assign the keys to my gaming mouse and using the keyboard just for movement. That was the only real big issue I had.

As for the game, the story they had was boring and dull and in no way caught my interest. The entire game is in Japanese with subtitles, which I actually like (makes it feel more authentic). Although the actual combat of the game is rather fun. If you have always liked hack and slash games which you go through waves of enemies like Devil May Cry and Dynasty Warriors, then you will enjoy Assault Gunners. Also, if you want to skip all the objectives and just got for the endless waves of enemies route; there is inferno mode, which is endless rounds of enemies.

Another great feature of Assault Gunners is the vast customization options for your units. From stats, equipment parts, color, and even unit name; you can make your bot look and perform in any way you choose. Once your unit is all set up and to your liking, you have three other AI Units you will need to customize to back you up in battle.

Overall, Assault Gunners HD Edition is a game worth playing if you are a mecha fan and love taking on endless waves of enemies. If you are the type of gamer that likes to meticulously customize and optimize your characters and collect every bit of equipment; Assault Gunners will most definitely keep you busy.

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