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Batman and Catwoman are the only ones left to save the world from a rampaging Poison Ivy!  Using the power of The Green, Ivy has mind controlled the entire world, including the Justice League!  There’s only one thing that can stop her.  Can Bat & Cat get to it in time?!  Probably…cause it’s still called Batman, not Poison Ivy.

Now on to Batman #44! (And a bunch of spoilers I couldn’t work around)

Bat & Cat are getting married!  And what’s at the top of Catwoman’s list?  The perfect dress!  Catwoman goes dress shopping.  That’s all.  See you next time for Batman #45!

Okay, it’s a little more than that…but also not.  Catwoman gets restless and slips out for a late night job.  A cat’s gotta cat, a robber’s gotta rob.  Selina avoids the crowds and looks for a five-fingered discount.

Tom King takes a minute to sit right back and see how those two became the Bat and the Cat.  While she tries on dresses, we flashback to the best and worst moments of Batman and Catwoman’s relationship (including their fabulous costumes).  Taking a tour of their lives, Tom King wants to prove Cat & Bat are destined for each other.  He’s her lobster!

Artists Mikel Janin and Joelle Jones make the simple story of theft and romance into an operatic saga.  They really bring out Selina’s joy at just being herself.  The colors by June Chung and Jordie Bellaire make all the costumes and dresses look fabulous!  Even Alfred looks great (though he might have endorsed a felony).

Batman #44 is another step toward the wedded bliss of Batman and Catwoman.  It was fun and beautiful but not as satisfying as other one-shot stories.  I think another issue involving Bruce getting the perfect suit would be a great second half (the 2-part Super Friends story, in Batman #36-37, was amazing!).  Thankfully, Batman is a twice monthly comic.  We’re only two weeks away from a time travel adventure with Booster Gold in THE TRAVELERS!

Batman #44

3 out of 5 Meows

Coming Soon!

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