That Hashtag Show recently had the opportunity to sit down with Chloe Bennett and Jeff Ward from Agents of SHIELD to discuss the fifth season of the show. This season has been one of the best of the series and Jeff Ward has been an excellent addition as Deek, the grandson of Fitz and Simmons from the future, who is now back in the present day with the rest of the team. In addition to talking about their hopes for a 6th season, they also discuss Jeff and Ian’s (Fitz) weird relationship, and the meaning of family on the show.


Who’s hoping the show stays on for another season, and who’s ready?


Chloe Bennett: Honestly I think that everyone’s so aware of how special the show is, and how incredible the cast and the crew and our fans are. I think everyone definitely wants more time with these characters; just the thought of being done with Daisy in three weeks is insane, because my entire identity as an adult has been wrapped around this show, Marvel and these people that are sitting at these tables. It’s a scary thing, but it’s also one of those things where you don’t wanna beat a dead horse. You don’t want to go, you want to end on a high note and walk away with saying that this was awesome. I think, finding that balance with everyone kinda works really well.


And you’re going to be voicing Daisy in the Marvel Rising thing, right?


Chloe Bennett: Yeah, crazy right? What a coincidence right? I swear to God I forgot because I did that such a long time ago. Then the press release came out and I saw Quake, and I was like “who voiced Quake?” And it was me and I forgot.


You were ready to be mad at whoever it was.


Chloe Bennett: I was, I’m very excited, but Ming is also doing that and Dove Cameron who we had on our show this season who’s awesome. So yeah, it’s a big family event.


Well speaking of family events, how did you feel when you found out Deek’s connection to some other characters?


Jeff Ward: To some other characters? I was very excited because I, obviously I’m new on the show, and when I found out that I had a relationship to such great characters that are as good of characters as Fitz and Simmons are; it was very exciting for me cause it made me, first of all, feel more like I was apart of it as just a person. Second of all storywise, it just really excited me because we were just saying…


Chloe Bennett: Him and Ian are like: (crosses fingers). This doesn’t quite explain it cause this isn’t close. If I could put my fingers into each other, then just twist like this. That’s what him and Ian are like on set. They’re like this. It’s actually annoying. They’re so in love with each other and obsessed with each other that they have these inside jokes; they’re like little chipmunks that are like “do-do-do-do” all day and it’s actually really sweet to see that you guys are related on camera. It’s actually-


Jeff Ward: Honestly it’s, he’s, I love Ian and-

Chole Bennett: They play video games. He’ll come into the trailer and I’m like “whoa rough night? You look tired.” And he’ll be like, “Me and Ian were playing FIFA for like 15 hours yesterday.”


Jeff Ward: It’s a dream night. But it’s very cool and Chloe was so immediately welcoming to me from, seriously day one in the makeup trailer. She put on Kendrick Lamar and I immediately loved her and she took good care of me ever since. To kind of feel like I am part of this great mythology that this show has built so incredibly well for 5 years, I feel very honored and very excited and-


Chloe Bennett: Deke is such an essential character, and was a completely different character from what I understand before Jeff took on the role. Which is, for any actors out there, he stole this part at the table read. It’s such a heavy season, it’s actually darker, the tone is much darker, and the things thematically we’re dealing with are a lot bigger, darker issues, and he came in and really brought the comedic relief in such a heartfelt, great way that we needed. So I think it’s really-


Jeff Ward: That’s very sweet of you. It’s mostly annoying Daisy. So it’s funny that you said-

Chloe Bennett: It’s funny, but it’s funny to have that point of view of “what’s happening?” Because we go to space and we’re like “this is crazy”, but then you come to earth and you’re like “what is this orange spray? This is insane.” It just gives you a different perspective. It’s a lot like what I felt my character was like in season one. Which is “This is crazy, you’re a superhero.” It was a lot more exciting. It’s kind of fun to see how much my character’s changed through you and to see how you’ll probably change on the show as well.



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