A fashion blogger must deal with a terrible disability, allergies, in Snotgirl Vol. 1.

Lottie Person is one of the most famous fashion bloggers in the world or at least in Los Angeles.  She is the model of perfection. Every hair perfect, every look effortless and every fashion tip invaluable.  However, this is only what the world sees. Behind the scenes she deals with terrible allergies.

Person’s allergies act up constantly and have a knack to appear whenever she gets flustered.  Her allergies present themselves as a very runny nose. No one knows about this and she hides it very well even from her closest friends, Megan Foster and Misty Sutton.

When Person goes to her allergist she discovers her doctor is out on leave.  However, this may be a good thing because the standin brings up a new experimental trial medication which may work wonders on her allergies.

One day while snooping on her ex’s social media she discovers a possible new girlfriend, Charlene.  Person’s life has become pretty hectic, but then she finds a new friend in a coffee shop.

Caroline aka Coolgirl is almost her perfect twin, but she doesn’t have to work so hard for her success.  Coolgirl is a rising fashion blogger, is a big fan of Person and is looking for Person’s advice on fashion blogging.

While out at a club with Coolgirl, Person has an allergy attack and runs to the bathroom to take the first pill of her new medication.  Coolgirl walks into the bathroom and sees her at her most vulnerable with snot running down her face. Person gets a nickname right then, Snottie.

In the bathroom Coolgirl seemingly falls and dies.  At this point the line between reality and hallucination gets very blurred.  Person deals with huge events, but the next day they seemingly never happened.  Is she going crazy or are the new pills have an unexpected effect on her?

Snotgirl Vol. 1 was written by Bryan Lee O’Malley and Leslie Hung with art by Hung and Mickey Quinn.  Image Comics published the volume in 2017.

I am very conflicted on this book.  It is very hard for me to decide if I like this book or love it.  While I was reading the book I was bored by it, but then the whole blurred reality aspects really hooked me.

This is such a silly premise for a book, but it was done so well.  I can’t believe I even liked the volume but I did. The story was so natural and I could easily see much of this happening to a friend.  All the characters speak in a very obnoxious way and also a very true to life way.

The aspect which made me want to read the volume in the first place is the art.  I think the best way for me to describe the art is manga pop art. The art is so appealing and beautiful I could not resist reading it.  It is a true testament to Hung that she can make a girl with snot pouring out her nose still be so hot. Also this is Hung’s first comic book.  She is amazing and will have a long career if she keeps up this level of work.

I really liked this volume and I really want to see more of the story.  However, it hooked me in a very sneaky and subtle way. If it got me more directly I think I would have liked it more.  However, I did like it and will read the next volume.



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