Mutants are being hunted and locked up in camps and mutant kind’s only hope is Kitty Pryde’s daughter, Chrissie, in X-Men: Years Of Future Past.

Chrissie is outside the camp looking for medicine and other supplies, but her cover is she is looking for information on rogue mutants.  While on the outside she runs into Wolverine.

Wolverine lives in hiding with his son, Cameron.  Wolverine and Kitty have been planning on starting a revolt for a while.  However, the time has not been right and they didn’t have the right supplies.  Wolverine has been gathering supplies from the outside and Kitty has been gathering info from inside the camp.

However, today is the day and the uprising is about to begin.  Chrissie and her parents Kitty and Colossus are joined by Rachel Summers and Magneto.  The group makes an acid and use it to remove their inhibitor collars. Chrissie’s powers manifest as a T-1000 from Terminator 2 and has metal sword arms.

The two sides meet up and tell Chrissie the plan to save mutant kind.  President Robert Kelly is going to be assassinated by a rogue sentinel with a virus.  However, if Chrissie is able to save Kelly’s life it could change his mind on mutants.  It is a simple plan and a long shot, but they are out of ideas. However, the most difficult part is they don’t know when the sentinel will strike, where or which one.  They must get to Kelly and keep a watchful eye on him.

X-Men: Years Of Future Past was written by Marguerite Bennett with art by Mike Norton and FCO Plascencia.  Marvel Comics published the volume 2015.

This is another look into a classic X-Men world from the Secret Wars event.  I liked this comic and it gave a lot of depth into the Days Of Future Past world.  This world is very interesting and deserves a second look.

The original story was only two issues and was done very quickly.  This story doesn’t have any of the time travel stuff like the original which I liked.  In the original story I felt the time travel stuff was the weakest part. However, all the same characters are in this volume and has a few extra as well.

I found the story pretty interesting.  It has surprises, twists and turns. It was nice seeing some depth to the two new characters of Cameron and Chrissie.  Seeing how different they see the world because one was raised inside the camp and the other by Wolverine on the outside was interesting.

Something which I found annoying was the attempts at humor.  Cameron makes a lot of references to older media like Star Wars.  Chrissie never gets the references which is fine, but he keeps doing it and it was not funny the first time.  It took me out of the story because I had to roll my eyes everytime.

This was not a bad story and is immensely better than the Days Of Future Past story which has not aged well in my opinion.  I am glad I got a little look into this world and they made a solid story out of it, but it was just not an amazing comic.


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