It’s no secret that the Phantom Ranger is my favorite Power Ranger of all time. He’s been a dangling plot thread ever since Power Rangers Turbo and made his last TV appearance on Power Rangers In Space.

In the Boom Studios comics, the Phantom Ranger has been seen on one panel so far. This is a character with a lot of stories left to tell and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comic book writer, Kyle Higgins may be the best person to tell it. Shattered Grid is the biggest Power Rangers event since last years 2017 Power Rangers Movie and so far it’s not disappointing anyone.  Kyle has been on the critically acclaimed comic book since Boom took over the license a little over two years ago and he’s been telling some of the best Power Rangers stories that rival the best Power Rangers season.

That Hashtag Show recently spoke to Higgins about the historic Shattered Grid storyline and during the interview, we brought up my favorite Power Ranger, the Phantom Ranger. Here’s what Kyle had to say:

We’re actually… I can’t comment on the Phantom Ranger. I’m not able to, unfortunately. 

Now, I know it doesn’t seem like much and is far from a confirmation, but Higgins starting off the sentence like there’s something on the horizon gives us hope.  The Phantom Ranger’s identity and origins have never been revealed. Rumors have swirled regarding his mysterious Ranger’s identity from being Billy to a robot to Power Rangers Executive Producer, Chip Lynn. Having his origin and identity revealed in the comics would be a great platform for it.

After so much time has passed the build-up for the reveal of the character’s identity would surely be a let down in the hands of someone else. Boom Studios has been knocking it out of the park with the Power Rangers comic book so hopefully, we can get a Phantom Ranger mini-series in the near future.

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