It’s been long rumored that Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel would have a 25-year celebration episode that would bring back past Rangers. We’ve seen this before when the franchise hit 10 years, with the iconic Forever Red episode in Power Rangers Wild Force. For the 15th year of the show, we had Once A Ranger, in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive which saw the return of Rangers mainly made up from the Disney era, and Johnny Yong Bosch, who played Adam Park on Mighty Morphin’ through Turbo. Also, let us not forget the Legendary Battle in Super Megaforce, which was almost unanimously a letdown.

Now we embark upon the 25th year of the long-running show. It would be safe to assume that past Rangers will be making their return to the show for the, hopefully, legendary team-up. One Ranger that pretty much confirmed herself by playing coy was Ciara Hanna. Now the question is who else will be returning alongside the Ninja Steel Rangers and the Yellow Megaforce Ranger. We’ve been told by a source that 10 past Rangers are set to appear and another one may have just confirmed the appearance in the episode by a former co-star of their season.

While talking to Mike Ginn earlier this year, we asked him about the rumors of a past Ranger returning from his season. Here’s what went down:

THS: This is the 25 year of Power Rangers. Quite ironic actually, and rumor has it former Rangers are coming back. Have you heard about this?

Mike Ginn: I have heard about it.  I heard…

THS: I’ve heard a rumor. Do you want to clear one up for me?

Mike Ginn: What’s the rumor and I’ll see if I want to clear it up.

THS: That Gemma could possibly be coming back this season.

Mike Ginn: Let me tell you that I heard the same rumor and I heard the same rumor from [Unnamed Ranger that is also coming back this season].

THS: Uh huh. So, you’re kind of confirming something.

Mike Ginn: Wait, I’m not gonna… I’m not even with Saban anymore. Yeah, [Unnamed Ranger that is also coming back this season] told me Gemma was going to be in the episode.

There you have it. With JDF almost being a lock for this season it looks like we’ll have RPM Silver joining the Ninja Steel team alongside, possibly, Gia from Megaforce. Who else do you think is returning? Leave a message in the comments below.


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