Star Trek Discovery Season Two is heading into production and we’ve recently learned that Anson Mount has come aboard to take on the role of Christopher Pike, Captain of the Enterprise 1701-A in this timeframe. At the end of Season One, the Discovery is hailed by a damaged Enterprise requesting assistance.

A source close to production has provided us with three breakdowns for additional characters we’ll be seeing in the new season. First up on our list is the role Tig Notaro was recently cast in, Chief Engineer Reno of the U.S.S. Hiawatha.



Female, between 25 and 45.

Due to a physical situation, required to be in a wheelchair, despite this, they need to be extremely physically fit as this role will be demanding physically.

Chief engineer Reno is high­-energy and ­bordering on boisterous, ­she is happiest when she’s fighting a stubborn bolt, ­a real gearhead.

Recurring role.

With the casting of Notaro, we’re assuming this character will share some of the personality traits that Notaro displays in her material, and based off of this description, we think she’s a great fit for the role. In the official announcement, it was not stated that she would be in a wheelchair, so we’re not sure if that’s still going to be an aspect of the character.

Next up we have who we believe to be the younger version of Spock that Jonathan Frakes recently revealed would be making an appearance in Flashbacks. while it’s also possible that this could be a different character, we don’t think that’s the case here. Studios will often obscure the real character name with a code name that starts with the same letter as the actual name, which Samuel here does. Samuel is also not really a Vulcan name, so that’s another clue that ‘Samuel’ isn’t the actual characters name. However, that being said, the Breakdown for Reno actually used the real name, so, take that for what you will.



A 10yr old Caucasian Male.

A brave and logical Vulcan. Under 5’2 and thin faced.


Must be immediately available for 1 – 2 episodes.

Last, but not least, we have a character going by the name ‘May’ who’s also an engineer:


A Female in her 20s.

A friendly Engineering Officer who shows real concern for others in the face of danger.

Needs to be able to comfortably perform in a distinctive, Non-American accent. Comedy chops a plus.



Between May and Reno it seems like we may be getting a tone for this new season that’s at least slightly less Dark than we had in Season 1. We already know that the Klingon War is not going to be at the forefront, so we’re really excited to see what stories we get and where these characters fit in. We should also expect to see some casting information on these characters soon as well with the production on Season 2 now in full swing.

Let us know what you guys think about all of this casting news! Anson Mount as Captain Pike, Tig Notaro as Chief Engineer Reno, getting to see young Spock in a Flashback, and who you think might be a good choice for the role of Engineer May?

Make sure to stay tuned for more casting information and more interviews with the cast and crew from Star Trek Discovery!



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