What am I talking about this time: IDW’s Star Trek Discovery – Succession #1
By: Mike Johnson & Angel Hernandez
Overall Review: 4 out of 5 Spock Goatees

Is it worth $3.99? Hrmmm…. For $3.99, I’m gonna say no. Got a coupon for a dollar off and for $2.99, I’d say yes.
Spoiler Free Review:

I liked Discovery, didn’t love it. But I liked it. The Mirror Universe on the other hand has always been a bit of a stickler for me… it CAN be good, but often times is handled far sillier than I’d like. Good=bad is too simple, I always like something deeper and bigger in concept explored and I’m hoping this comic takes me there. A solid start with some fun world building in the politics and handling of characters and a nice splash page at the end with a twist that can go a few different ways gave me a warm feeling about this series. So let’s do this, shall we?

Spoiler Review:

The credits page of this comic tells us these events take place after discovery Season one. Mirror Burnham and Lorca seeming have just finished some sexy time, discuss how they will take over the (Mirror) Universe… muh ha ha ha.
That occurs on page 1 & 2. At the top of page 3, we are told it’s one year later and the Charon was just destroyed.
So that blurb on the credits page is crap as it clearly reads,
“The following takes place after the events of Star Trek: Discovery season one.
The U.S.S. Discovery and its crew have returned to their original timeline.
This is what happened next in the Mirror Universe they left behind.”

Which means this comic should have started on page 3, or page one should have said, “one year prior” and page three should say, “now”.
Am I nitpicking, probably. Is this an easy fix and should not have been a mistake… yep.

Ok, so, back to the good stuff… in the present, where we should have been all along, the I.S.S Shenzhou is looking for survivors under the tentative leadership of Detmer and dares anyone to take if from her, cause she’s a badass here. They soon find an imperial shuttle nearby.
We hop to San Francisco, the capital of the Terran Empire Lord Alexander is trying to take control and has plans to destroy all non-humans with some gene toxins and whatnots. The politics here is pretty well explained and toyed with.

Back on the Shenzhou, the now Captain Detmer saves Lord Henshu only to kill him herself, cause she’s a badass here.

Around the quadrants, alien races are starting to band together to form a sort of rebel alliance against the Emperor…er Empire. There’s a duck duck goose circle around a campfire with Voq’s “lady” friend and Spock’s mommy.

Back on Earth again Commander Cornwell is talking about a coo against Lord Alexander with Edwards.

Back on the ol’ Shenzhou, everyone on the bridge starts seemingly suffocating and dies. Airiam stands up (kickass), declares herself captain around a bunch of bodies (kickass), and threatens to kill everyone on the ship if they don’t follow her orders and asks for a applications for a new bridge crew (kickass). It’s 2 pages and the best part of the comic.

Finally, in a refugee camp on Risa, Harry Mudd (kickass) is helping people as a doctor of sorts. Until he’s approached by a hooded figure who turns out to be Michael Burnham!! Mirror or Real Michael Burnham… we… just… don’t… know… yet!!!!! (kick and ass).

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