Oscar-winning screenwriter John Ridley (12 Years A SlaveAmerican Crime) offers an alternate version of U.S. history in this thrilling graphic novel from Vertigo, THE AMERICAN WAY: THOSE ABOVE AND THOSE BELOW, available April 24, 2018. Reuniting with artist Georges Jeanty from their original series, the story picks up 10 years after THE AMERICAN WAY, and will explore historically significant sociopolitical and racial themes from the ‘70s that are still relevant today.

Oscar-winning screenwriter John Ridley talks about his graphic novel ÒThe American WayÓ during day two of Comic-Con International at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA on Friday, July 21, 2017. (Photo by Kevin Sullivan, Orange County Register/SCNG)

“On the 10-year anniversary of the series, it feels both fantastic and appropriate to be able to return to THE AMERICAN WAY,” explains writer John Ridley. “Though I have been very blessed over the last decade in both film and television, there is a very special sense of accomplishment that comes with seeing your work on display at the local comics shop. I’m so thankful to everyone at DC for giving both me and our many fans the opportunity to revisit the stories, themes and perspectives that were such an integral part of THE AMERICAN WAY.”


The series tracks an alternate timeline in which costumed superheroes—once paragons of the Establishment—fall into disgrace during the turmoil of the 1960s following the Kennedy assassination, the Kent State shootings and the public’s growing cynicism over the lies of its leader. Jason Fisher, once known as the New American, takes on a quixotic mission, championing the disenfranchised in inner-city Baltimore. When Jason finds both resistance and outright hostility for his affiliation to the U.S. Government from the very people he’s trying to help, he faces a new dilemma: to uphold the law, or to serve the people.

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