The Power Rangers Instagram page has just recently concluded with their March Monster Madness, which saw the top 16 villains from Power Rangers history fighting it out in an NCAA March Madness-style bracket on the Power Rangers Instagram Story. So here were all of the match-ups.

Round 1
Divatox defeated Xandred
Ransik defeated Tenaya
Rita Repulsa defeated Sledge
Lord Zedd defeated Master Org
Koragg defeated Ivan Ooze
Goldar defeated Astronema
Pyscho Rangers defeated Galvanax
Diabolico defeated Madame Odius

Round 2
Ransik defeated Divatox
Lord Zedd defeated Rita Repulsa
Koragg defeated Goldar
Pyscho Rangers defeated Diabolico

Round 3
Lord Zedd defeated Ransik
Psycho Rangers defeated Koragg

Final Round
Lord Zedd defeated Psycho Rangers

Mighty Morphin actually had the most villain in this. 4 of their villains were in, but I would’ve liked to see the Psycho Rangers win because they are the stronger villains in my opinion.

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