The full blown trailer for the fourth installment of The Purge series has been released, and boy does it look like a doozy. 2013’s The Purge introduced a new element into the horror/thriller genre. What happens when all crime is legal for 12 hours including murder? A concept that screams The Strangers meets Battle Royale. The first film starring Ethan Hawke, and Game of Thrones’ Lena Headley read more like an in home invasion flick, and didn’t fully flesh out its most interesting concept, the actual purge. The second film, The Purge Anarchy, focused on an entirely different set of characters including the MCU’s own Frank Grillo as we follow them out onto the streets of Los Angeles. The most recently released film, The Purge: Election Yeartakes place 18 years after the events of the first film, and lifts a purge restriction regarding the protection of level 10 and higher government officials.

In terms of quality, the films can be a hit or a miss. While I personally enjoyed the first and third films. Many have taken issue with both, and prefer the second film. This year’s The First Purge will take the audience back to the  origins of the New Founding Fathers, and how the law of the purge came to fruition. The horror genre tends to go the prequel route years from its original outing ranging from the good (Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) to the downright terrible (Rob Zombie’s Halloween series), however with only so many stories to tell in this series, it’s not surprising, if frankly unnecessary.

Fans of The Purge series had mixed reactions upon the release of the trailer;

Clocking in at a whopping 2:30 minutes Universal is wasting no time in laying out the entire story for audiences. Dubbed as the “modern trailer”, it’s par for the course to be shown “the whole movie” in a 2 minute plus trailer. Personally, when I first heard about the plot for The First Purge I thought it could be interested to see how the general public reacted to such a law. Although we may make passing light hearted comments about killing our boss, beating so to so to death, or running over a slow walking pedestrian, most people don’t act on such atrocities. That’s not in our nature……but fight or flight is, survival of the fittest is. We’ve watched this battle of morality for 8 years on AMC’s The Walking Dead. HOWEVER, this trailer is doing nothing for me. It looks like more of the same from the other installments (even their end tag is from the original film), and Marisa Tomei looks 15 years older than she does in Spiderman: Homecoming, which could be purposeful I guess since she’s playing a politician. I will say the cool twist here is that the general public is not responding to this law that would purge them from their aggression so in a desperate act to make the purge work, the New Founding Fathers send in soldiers disguised as civilians to take out those especially against it. Something you could see your own government doing more and more each day.

The First Purge hits theaters on July 4th.

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