Jack Napier aka Joker is forced to make a decision no one is expecting in Batman: White Knight #7.

In the last issue Neo Joker and her gang fired a giant freeze ray into Gotham to draw Joker out.  It works and Napier goes to GCPD to plan out how to approach the situation.

Napier has been going through a lot of stress with running for office, Batman and now Neo Joker.  However, just to add a new problem his pills are starting lose their effectiveness and Napier becomes Joker in the middle of GCPD.

At the start of this issue Napier is able to repress the Joker part of himself and gain back control of his body.  After Napier’s meeting with Neo Joker goes nowhere it seems he is out of options. However, Harley suggests a plan to work with the last person Neo Joker would suspect, Batman.

This brings us the the point which started the series.  Batman is in jail and Napier is asking for his help. Batman has some demands, but he will help protect Gotham as Batman always has.

This series has been amazing from the start and it continues to be in this issue.  The thought of Joker and Batman teaming up is just so crazy. Villains team up with heroes all the time as long as they have a common goal.  

However, Joker has always been different.  Joker lives for mayhem and he doesn’t really care who causes it.  He is not really a team player and no bigger or more famous foes exist than Joker and Batman.  I really look forward to seeing how well they work together especially with Napier being in control.

Throughout the issue Napier keeps losing control and Joker comes out.  It happens at really bad times because of course it does. I really like the surprise of it and the shock value.  It is always unclear whose side Joker will be on. He could help Batman or maybe he will team up with his old Harley aka Neo Joker.  However, every time he has done it so far it has been just to scare the crap out of everyone around.

This also has a lot of heart.  Mr. Freeze’s wife is out of her tube and is in a hospital bed to wake up any day now.  However, instead of being happy he is terrified how his wife will react to learning his tech has caused a large part of Gotham to be frozen.

Napier is also dealing with an internal struggle.  He is obviously dealing with the Joker half of his personality, but also Joker’s crimes.  Joker created Neo Joker and therefore caused this whole mess. Napier wants to be a good person, but he achieves his goal tapping into Joker’s less than legal ways.

I am in love with this book and no one but me is talking about it or so it seems to me.  This could easily turn into a must read Batman comic in the coming years.  Every issue has been fantastic and Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth’s art is just perfect.






Written by: Sean Murphy

Art by:  Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth

Cover by: Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth

Release: 4/04/2018

Issue: 7

Publisher: DC Comics


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