Janet and Lou Rossi are really trying to make a go at this whole relationship thing in Dry County #2.

After the fight Janet had with her boyfriend at the time, Earl, she decides to make the move and dump him.  Rossi and Janet’s relationship is moving very slowly or at least in Rossi’s eyes it is. However, things are about to change and Janet is spending the night.  Things are finally coming up Rossi.

However, when Rossi gets back home he sees her door has been kicked in.  He is handed a ransom note which says basically she’s gone and if you call the cops she is dead.

Rossi along with Janet’s friend Eddie try to clean up the place before the cops get there.  The cops will cause her death so he hides any evidence she was ever there. Rossi convinces Eddie to tell the cops his brother was in the apartment and had a money bag stolen.  The cops buy it and leave after getting their statements.

They believe Janet’s ex, Earl, took her and is holding her someone.  This leads them to focus solely on Earl. However, once they catch up to Earl the hunt takes an unexpected turn.

Rossi looks at every bar in the area to find her, but he doesn’t have much luck.  This is until one bartender says she knows them. She talks about how jealous Earl was over male admirers talking with Janet.  

I still really like this series.  However, I must admit it is progressing pretty slowly.  If I could get all the answers immediately that would be awesome.  Something I like about the comic is I am theorizing with Rossi over who took Janet.  It is a mystery I can talk with other readers about. I think that is pretty cool and oh boy do I have some theories.

It is pretty obvious something more complex is going on.  Rossi doesn’t see it, but I do. However, I just don’t know what.  I think Janet isn’t what or who exactly she says she is.

Art is something which may turn people off.  It has an odd and unusual style. The character designs are not traditional.  I don’t mind them, but just be forewarned if you are really particular on art this may not be your jam.

This issue has all the charm of the first issue and I look forward to seeing how this comic progresses.   





Written by: Rich Tommaso

Art by: Rich Tommaso

Cover by: Rich Tommaso

Release: 4/11/18

Issue: 2

Publisher: Image Comics


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