Earlier today some new skins for Fortnite got leaked, and one do them might potentially be paying homage to Power Rangers.

Now, the suit color is white, which would be similar to the MMPR White Ranger suit, because it has the white, black, and gold like the White Ranger Suit did on the series. But there are some similar differences, like the shoulder armor, and the V that is in the middle of the suit. So isn’t exactly power ranger esque but you get the idea.

I mean it’s it’s not exactly a direct copy of the original White Ranger suit, but it is still awesome. The visor is replaced with goggles, which is pretty cool. I guess they really didn’t want to be too close to the Power Ranger Asthetic. Epic Games hasn’t confirmed when the skin will be released, but more than likely will be released when the next update comes out.

This would be awesome considering just last week we got to see Marvel’s Thanos. Hopefully we will get more awesome cameos in the Fortnite universe!

Source: Comicbook.com