RIVERDALE: Season Finale Brings Us A Whole New World


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Riverdale: Chapter 35 Brave New World brought us just that. After wrapping up the the loose ends, the episode sets us up for what’s coming in season 3.

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Loose Ends Wrap Up

The Black Hood Saga: Who was the original Black Hood that shot Fred Andrews…twice? Well, it turns out that our earlier theories were correct, ladies and gentleman. For the reveal, the new Sheriff calls Archie into his office letting him know that he can start sleeping well at night. After a shoot out confrontation that resulted in the death of the suspect, it is revealed that the turncoat Serpent, Tall Boy, was indeed Black Hood #1.

Something to note: this information comes from the new, corrupt Sheriff and we did NOT see a body. It’s not impossible that we will see Tall Boy again in a new capacity.

Our friendship foursome finally put together all the Black Hood #1 pieces: Hiram is the one who hired Tall Boy in order to get Fred Andrews out of the way permanently. I mean, we all knew Hiram wasn’t okay with Fred sleeping with his wife while he was in jail. When that didn’t work, he used Tall Boy to scare everyone at the debate and then try to kill Fred again…failing for the 2nd time.

Hal Cooper is Black Hood #2. Hal murdered Ms. Grundy, shot Moose and Midge (eventually murdering Midge), and the Sugar Man. Inspired by his mother’s trigger words daughter, Betty’s, words at the town meeting, Hal remembered the lessons of his past and felt the town and all its sinners should be punished. Betty is obviously affected by this. However, after confronting her father in a very Silence of the Lambs esque scene, she swears the darkness stops with him. We’ll see….

FANGS IS ALIVE! In another “Bad Daddy” Hiram move, the information about Fangs dying after being shot was a lie used as a catalyst to get Hiram’s Ghoulies and FP’s Serpents to fight it out resulting in the Serpents getting pummeled.



The Serpents

Jughead is alive (did you really think he wouldn’t be?! He’s our narrator, one of the main 4, and this isn’t Game of Thrones). In the end, FP see’s the light and how much his son loves this crew. Jughead found the Serpent’s sanctuary on the Northside, got the entire school on their side when threatened with expulsion and the removal of the Serpent students, and was willing to sacrifice himself for the good of the crew and the Southside. Say ‘hello’ to your new Serpent King, Jughead Jones.

What does this mean for the future of the Serpents, Ghoulies, Southsiders, and Northsiders alike? We’ll just have to wait for season 3 to find out.

The Next Big Bad

After 2 seasons of setup, and following the theme of evil fathers, Hiram Lodge seems to be setting himself up to be the next big bad of Season 3. After Archie confronts Hiram about the Black Hood #1 shooting his father, and letting Hiram know he’s done being his lapdog, Hiram is visibly shook. At this point, Hiram has lost the respect of his daughter, his wife, and his insider game seems to be falling a part…or is it?

In the final scene of the episode, we see Hiram meeting with his new crew at the Worm; Penny Peabody, Penelope and Claudius Blossom, Malachi, and the new Sheriff are all in attendance. Not only will Hiram be building a for profit prison, but he will also be getting back into the life of crime starting with drug dealing…next up a brothel. Claudius will provide the drugs, Penny, Malachi, and the Ghoulies will sell it. And the Sheriff, well, he’ll turn a blind eye.

How will this continue to affect Hiram’s relationship with Veronica? How long until Hermione turns on her husband? What is Hiram’s next fatal step? Season 3 is sure to be a doozy and I cannot wait!

What did you think of the season finale? Will you be back for Riverdale Season 3? Make sure to comment below and let me know!





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