A Subtle Detail in ‘A New Hope’ Ties L3-37 into the Original Trilogy


A Tweet Confirms L3-37’s Presence After ‘Solo’

**Minor Spoilers Ahead**

With the recent release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, I berated those who praised the Millennium Falcon as one of the best ships in the Star Wars universe. One of my arguments was the negligence of Han remembering that Lando’s co-pilot, L3-37, had been integrated into the ship after suffering blaster shots in Kessel. At the time, it seemed like that moment in the film was written in only because they could. Other than helping the crew navigate out of the Kessel Run, integrating L3 into the Millennium Falcon had no true payoff.

Alas, I’ll take my losses when I’m proven wrong. It seems like an unlikely, but fitting character ties L3 into the Episodes VI, VII, & VIII. On Twitter, @starwars recently tweeted a picture that may have ret-con’d that whole idea.

Apparently, Threepio was not only able to communicate with the Falcon’s diagnostics, but with L3 herself! If you haven’t seen A New Hope for some time like I have, this line by C-3PO was easily forgotten. Hats off to Jonathan and Lawrence Kasdan if this was truly intended. If the quote in the picture wasn’t enough to convince you, they captioned it with “MilL3nnium Falcon”. Who knew a simple tweet would help confirm L3’s “immortality”. For a droid who constantly modded herself, she could be the universe’s largest droid. Maybe I’ll save that for another article.

Were there any other details you may have caught that tie in the original trilogy with ‘Solo’? Discuss below.






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