New information got released today for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Soul Of The Dragon. The cover got released, along with the artwork of what Tommy will look like in it, which you can check out both images below.

From the looks of the artwork, it seems Tommy Oliver will definitely get a Logan’esque aesthetic. From the Artwork alone it looks like we are going to get a very cool story.

Maybe we will find out what happened to the rest of the original team. It will be nice to see Tommy work with other ranger teams to save his son.

The story is going to be written by Kyle Higgins, who is currently writing the MMPR comics.

The art is going to be done by Giuseppe Cafaro, and JDF has been brought on as an onboard consultant.

That Hashtag Show actually learned about the new book when we did an interview with JDF at NYCC last year.

At the time of the interview we were unaware of what Jason David Frank had in plan for his final story but looking back at it now it seems he was teasing what he actually had in plan for his character Tommy Oliver.

Here is the quote from the interview that foreshadowed what was to come for Tommy Oliver.

“THS: One thing that I have to ask and I forgot to ask you the last time we talked was where do you think Tommy is now in the Power Ranger universe?

JDF: Well, I think at this point currently, I think maybe next year we will all find out where Tommy is in the current universe. I have a few people working on some stuff just trying to figure out where would Tommy be, you know what I mean? And we are kind of putting all together and throwing it together to see so maybe next year we will find out where Tommy is gonna be.”

What Do you think of the new graphic novel? Will you pick it up in September? Do you want more stories from other legendary rangers?

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