How Patrick Stewart Could Become Involved With Star Trek: Discovery


In a recent interview with Red Carpet News, Patrick Stewart stated that he hasn’t yet watched the CBS All Access/Netflix series Star Trek: Discovery, but that he “may have good cause soon”. While this statement may allude to him being on the show, there are a few other possibilities. Marina Sirtis recently visited the set while Jonathan Frakes was directing the 2nd episode (whether she’ll have a role or a cameo in the episode isn’t currently known), so he could potentially just be talking to the studio about making a set visit. Another option is that maybe he wants to take another stab at the Director’s chair. Stewart isn’t known for directing, however, back in the TNG days, he did direct five episodes of the show, one of them being a favorite of mine, ‘A Fistful of Datas’, where a malfunction caused the Holodeck to transform several characters from the Western story Warf, Alexander, and Troy were playing, into Data.

Speaking of Data, Brent Spiner also took on the role of his creator’s ancestor, Arik Soong, so it’s also possible that a relative of Picard could show up in the series, however, it’s been stated that Jean-Luc was the first of the Picards to leave the Sol system, so whatever they do would need to reconcile with that somehow. What about Time Travel? That’s also entirely possible, with the Mirror Universe a major part of the first season, it’s not unreasonable to think that Time Travel could come into play in season 2. Another possibility could be a cameo as some random alien where he’s covered in make-up and barely recognizable, though I’d put that one towards the bottom of the list. Depending on what’s happening with the Tarantino film, he may just want to catch up on the series before getting back into Uniform. But out of all the potential possibilities, the following are the least likely:

  1. An adaptation of the Marvel Comic crossover Second Contact which would also include actors from the original X-Men films.
  2. The Discovery runs into Gurney Halleck.
  3. The Discovery jumps to another dimension again where the ship’s exploits are just a TV show, but Patrick Stewart holds the key to returning the ship to its own dimension.
  4. Patrick Stewart is about to lose a bet and will be forced to watch the show.

Whatever he meant by that, if it turns out he’ll be coming back to the Trek Universe, we’ll make sure to keep you posted as new information comes out.

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