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Electronic Arts kicked off E3 with their press conference this morning in Los Angeles. The 36 year old company revealed a sequel to Unravel, a new Star Wars game titled, Jedi: Fallen Order, Clone Wars DLC for Battlefront II, the 2019 versions of Fifa, Madden, and NBA, the mobile game Command & Conquer: Rivals, and some gameplay for Anthem. We were also treated to a new titled called Sea of Solitude, which looks and sounds depressing AF, although Inside is still one of the darkest and most beautiful games that I’ve ever played.

The presentation from this juggernaut of a game developer was lukewarm at best, and mirrors its lackluster presentation from last year. Audiences want to be treated to exciting gameplay, and surprise announcements. While the press conferences are made up of mostly industry insiders and outlets, that doesn’t mean that these big companies shouldn’t make an effort to come ready to put on a show. E3 is the biggest marketing push for a game developer, and presentation is everything. It’s unfortunate that there were multiple leaks which ruined any surprises that EA had up its sleeve. All in all, their sports division is always a hit, and although Anthem looks more like a jumpoff of Destiny, the gameplay looks promising.

Unfortunately the reactions range from the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If anything let’s follow Cole Knapp’s lead and snag some sweet deals on Origin. What EA game are you looking forward to? Vote in the poll below and as always please make sure to keep checking back for more E3 news.


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