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If Star Wars is broken, then how would you propose to fix it?

It’s clearly no secret that the fandom is all shook up about the recent Star Wars movies. There are opinions aplenty on the fact that Disney bought the franchise from George Lucas. And there is no shortage of…”experts”? critiques as to what is wrong with the Star Wars movies, or that they just aren’t good. Which leads me to the extremely cliche’ response to the negative criticism and press and opinions…if you think you can do better, then do it. If you think Star Wars is broken, then how would you fix it? Clearly people have strong opinions one way or another on the state of the most popular franchise ever, so clearly there shouldn’t be an issue saying ways that you think it can be fixed…if you are the select group that thinks it is broken. And this is a serious question, so please be respectful on the post. In fact, I welcome ideas that people have for things they think is wrong, what is right, and what ways things can be better, or what should be done differently, and so on.

Obviously one of  the biggest issues is how everyone felt about “The Last Jedi”. Contrary to opinions, it was successful in theaters, garnering over $650 million in the U.S. box office, and over $1.3 billion worldwide, and was number 1 in blu ray sales when it released on home video. But even with that, people said it went in to far a direction from the heart of what Star Wars is, yet a lot of those same people said that “The Force Awakens” was too much like the originals, even going as far as saying they just rehashed the original movies. So then here is my next question? How could it have been better? Do you think a different director would have made all the difference? JJ Abrams helmed TFA, and Rian Johnson helmed TLJ….which led to mixed reviews on who was better, if they both were terrible, or if one was good and the other wasn’t. Who would you choose to have directed the movies? And the story… many people didn’t like the story, or the feel of the movie. So what needed to be different? Luke not dying? Rose Tico’s character not even in the movie? Snoke experiencing a different fate? Should Rey’s parents have been revealed?

The first ever movie that didn’t involve the Skywaker storyline was “Rogue One”, the first Star Wars stand alone movie. The movie was successful as well in theaters, but also the fandom was mixed on whether it was good or not. For those who didn’t like it…how could it have been better? What parts worked and what parts didn’t? Was it to hard to watch a Star Wars movie that didn’t involve Luke, or Han, or Lord Vader? It was a war movie based on a small band of rebels, set in the SW galaxy, and we got to meet and see some great new characters…sadly that perished in the fight to steal the Death Star plans. So how do you think it should have been different, if you feel it should have been different?

And then most recently, there is “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. The latest movie in the saga has been poorly received due to, face it, the “fandom” out there can be harsh and very opinionated. Negativity and bad press breeds like wildfire, and clearly “Solo” never got a fair shot from the beginning because some people were left with a sour taste after ‘The Last Jedi’. People feel that Kathleen Kennedy and Disney have changed, (and yes ruined), Star Wars, and so they are hesitant and reluctant to run to the theater when a new Star Wars movie, more specifically a stand alone film, releases. And yes, I’m well aware that some ‘fans’ never wanted a Han Solo movie. That being said, short of the obvious answer people are gonna wanna post, (‘never should have been made’), how would it have been a movie you would have gone to see in theaters? A different actor to play Solo? A different story? More of our iconic favorite characters being included?

So in writing this article, I am well aware of the many “opinions” and remarks that people are going to want to post….but again, I urge you to understand why this article was written, and if you ever were, are, or need to be again, a Star Wars fan, then I implore you to tell us how…ultimately…you, as fans, would do better. How can we turn around that part of the fandom that is upset at the state of the galaxy, far, far away? May the Force Be With You.