One has to love the Star Wars news right now. Titles and their directions are spinning in so many different directions cases of vertigo are being reported all across the country.  The most watched title in limbo has to be the Kenobi movie.  “Always in motion the future is.”  Itsindevelopementitsonholditsagoitsanogoitsgoinghereitsgoingthere.  ARG!!

Kenobi In Episode 9?

Let’s try to sort out the Kenobi rumors.  The earliest place The Negotiator could land is Episode 9 in a mere 18 months.  Rumor #1 has it that Ewan McGregor will film his scenes in secret at some point and we will get to see his role upon release.  The odds are good here given how into fan service JJ Abrams is.  Kenobi’s voice was in The Force Awakens, but so far that’s it.  Kenobi and Lando are the last two major names missing from this trilogy.  There is also one little side comment that I think most people have forgotten.  Back when the Kenobi movie rumors were hot and heavy and JJ was still working on The Force Awakens.  When Kathleen Kennedy was asked when we could expect a Kenobi movie, her response was a rather cryptic we cant release it yet because we are not done telling his story, implying his appearance in the new trilogy with substantial story implications.

The thing with fan service though is that it has to fit.  Using Rogue One as  a great example, all those shots of Red Leader and Gold Leader were magnificent and they fit seamlessly.  Dr Evazen and Ponda Baba on the other hand were fan service that was a bit jarring and out of place.  As much as I’d love to see Kenobi’s ghost, I do not know if it would fit at this point.  Luke was Ben’s attachment, not Rey.  I really do not know what meaning he would bring to the story.

Big Screen Kenobi? 

Of course the one place fans truly want Kenobi to pop up is his own movie on the big screen!  This has been the goal of Lucasfilm ever since they were taken by surprise in the first ever march character tournament.  Fans voted on their favorite characters, and of course Vader won right? nope.  Luke? nope. Yoda? Palpatine? Nope.  Nope.  The shocking winner was General Kenobi himself.  Given how all-in Ewan has sounded whenever asked, the march towards moviedom began.

Behind the scenes, debate began on which Story movie Lucasfilm would do first.  If rumor here is true, Iger gave the thumbs up to Solo based on how Han got his name.  Now comes the scene where a character pulls the hyperdrive levers on the Falcon and nothing happens.  If Kenobi was in any type of preproduction it no longer is if rumors are to be believed.  Solo’s box office disaster was the equivalent of the Holdo Maneuver to the rest of the Star Wars Story movies.  If Kenobi is to see the big screen, it be awhile.

Kenobi on the little screen??

Now comes the latest rumor.  Kenobi may see production soon but the end goal will not be the big screen but the little screen on the Disney streaming service.  Now if this is indeed the route they go, a great many fans will be disappointed to not have it in theaters, but let’s look at the trade offs for a second.

If Star Wars is to be on their streaming service, Lucasfilm has to find a way to reign in production costs.  Kenobi would be prime for the lower budget needed to help the streaming service.  As far as we know it will be set entirely on Tatooine and will most likely lack major battles and special effects.  If the Streaming Service has Favreau’s tv series and a members only Kenobi movie, that would be a huge draw to bait people into signing up.  Uncle Bob Iger will be loving that.

The downside would only be the rioting fans threatening to tear down Uncle Bob’s door and running GoFundMe accounts to remake the latest movie.  Kenobi needs to be on the big screen and it needs to come fast.  It’s said Batman is not the hero Gotham wants, but the hero Gotham deserves.  Kenobi is both the movie Star Wars fans want and deserve.  There is not other movie that could possibly be made, correctly of course, that would pull the fan base back together and hopefully cool some of the hotter heads.  Finally, Star Wars movies are event movies when marketed correctly.   It would be a true shame to see such a tent pole, marquee movie not on the giant screen.