Top 5 Less…Quoted..Star Wars Quotes

Something that Star Wars has always been good for, iconic lines and quotes. While there are so many good ones, and clearly the ones EVERYONE knows, like “May the Force Be With You”, and “I Am Your Father”, there are many quotes from the movies that aren’t always the most recognizable or popular. These are some of my favorites. Agree? What are some of your favorite lines, or quotes, from the Star Wars movies?

1. “And I thought they smelled bad..on the outside”. (Han Solo in Empire Strikes back, after he slices open a TaunTaun to stuff Luke in his guts, to prevent him from freezing to death after a brutal attack by the Wompa. On a side note, this is the only time Han Solo ever picked up and used a light saber, clearly a weapon of the Jedi, of which he wasn’t a strong believer.)

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