Fernando Reza just might be my spirit animal. And if you don’t know Fernando Reza, you’re not paying attention to Star Wars fandom.

You should be well aware by now that I am not a fan of Episode VIII. However, it is what is; it’s canon, just like the prequels that so many despise. You don’t have to like every single aspect of Star Wars in order be a fan. I like to think my criticisms are reasoned and based in fact. Others, not so much. Much of the displeasure centers on Luke Skywalker’s character treatment.

The continuing backlash over The Last Jedi has grown to such a crescendo that there is even a grassroots movement to remake the film. Now, any rational fan knows that a fan-based remake is not going to happen. The problem is that a good many among the fan base lately seem to have lost their ability to reason; they’ve sent death threats, driving Kelly Marie Tran from social media, and now this remake nonsense.

Enter Fernando Reza.

The graphic artist and web designer from Los Angeles, California has seeming had enough of the vitriol as well and recently trolled the militant, anti-TLJ fan base, in expert fashion, I might add, by tweeting out a mock movie poster for the fan remake film, seen here:

If one could perfectly sum up the ridiculousness of the fan base these days, Reza has done it with this glorious, visual commentary. Featured prominently is a Tarantino-esque muscle-bound Luke Skywalker, representative of the hero rabid fans claim they want to see. (Hey, Tarantino is doing Star Trek, so why not Star Wars?) From Rey roasting porgs, to a triple Death Star, to an aged Leia in her ROTJ bikini guarded by BB-8 wielding Negan’s “Lucille” barbed wire-wrapped bat from The Walking Dead,  this poster has it all. I think my favorite part though, is Snoke, giving a presentation of his backstory and plan… on an old-school overhead projector.

*slow clap*

Fernando, I salute you. And to the rabid fans, I borrow from a Bill Murray classic and leave you with this:

“Lighten up, Francis.”

[If you’d like to see more from Fernando Reza, you can find him on Twitter (@frodesignco) or at frodesignco.com]