Fear and intimidation were the cornerstones of the Empire’s control, and no Imperial agent was more fearsome and intimidating than Darth Vader. The Emperor’s right hand, Vader instilled terror in every enemy he faced; we finally got to see the full extent of Vader’s wrath in the final act of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The films, however, have only been able to provide us with a glimpse of Vader’s power, and his weaknesses. Screenrant recently provided us with a list to give us an idea of just how much strength, and weakness, the Dark Lord of the Sith truly possesses. Now, take this list with a grain of salt; most of what’s enumerated in the list of things “fans didn’t know” are, in fact, already well known or painfully obvious, and some powers listed are no longer canon. On the following pages, we’ll hit some of the highlights.