Why has Emperor Palpatine Been Removed, (Temporarily?), From Star Wars Battlefront II?

Force lightning is in itself a powerful weapon of the Sith and Jedi, and in Battlefront 2, you want power. One of the playable “hero’s” from SWBF2 has been, at least temporarily, removed from the game. If you have been looking to play him but can’t seem to find him, EA developers removed the Sith to hotfix some issues, which appears to be tied to the use of his force lightning.

EA Dice acknowledged removing him, but following a recent patch, have yet to openly explain why the Imperial overlord was removed from the game. In most cases, patches are used to either fix bugs with the game or characters, or in many cases meant to “nerf” an overly powerful character, weapon, vehicle, etc., or improve and strengthen “weaker” ones. With that being said, a lot of speculation from fans says that they are working on the force lightning ability power assigned to this character.

In “Star Wars: Battlefront II”, there is a large amount of playable characters, and while for the most part each has it’s own unique and varied abilities, some tend to seem more powerful then others. This can sometimes lead to aggravating gameplay, but on the same note part of the game is to learn how to master, and then exploit (use), a characters skills and abilities. Palpatine is a very strong character as it is with his wide range and leaping ability, and with force lightning chain attacks, he’s not a character to be taken lightly, whether you are playing as him, or against him.

One of the more exciting and fun modes of ‘SWBFII’ is the Hero Battles, and as with the entire game and all modes, balance is key, and something that EA constantly works on is to keep it an enjoyable yet challenging experience in the game. In an article on www.polygon.com, it was reported that EA possibly brought back the Emperor’s original lightning abilities, creating a lot of controversy, and that this could be why he was removed from the game by the developers. in an effort to find out what best works for this particular character.

Since the Overlord was removed from the game on July 5th, he has not returned, nor is there a definitive timetable for his return. While this may sour a lot of Battlefront gamers, who used the character a lot and were happy with the way he was, developers are constantly listening to fans, following the progression of their patches and updates, and ever constantly trying to make the best gaming experience for fans. (Yes, out the gates the game suffered from major issues and backlash, due to the “loot crates” leveling controversy, and while that has mostly been corrected, fans are still angry). With that being said, if the main reason for his removal is the force lighting issues, then it’s best to give every character it’s due diligence, thus allowing for each hero to be balanced for exciting gameplay.

With all that being said, were you happy with the way that Emperor Palpatine’s skills and abilities were? Or is this a much-needed change for the character, providing he was removed based on the speculation we have discussed? Did you use the character often? Will it upset you if for one reason or another Palpatine was not to return to active gameplay? What other characters do you think need or should be tweaked, ‘nerfed’, or even strengthened? As always…

May the Force Be With You!!