Okay, maybe not everything, but for those Star Wars fans still clinging to the hope that the characters, ships and events of the Expanded Universe will return to canon, your prayers are slowly but surely being answered. In his book The Rebel Files, author Daniel Wallace continues in the tradition laid down by Rebels, Rogue One and Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn by filtering Expanded Universe references into now canon works.

Until the release of The Last Jedi, there was perhaps no bigger perceived affront to “true fans” of Star Wars than Disney’s decision to declare the Expanded Universe no longer canon. At the time Disney acquired the Star Wars franchise in 2012, the Expanded Universe had stretched so far and wide it was nearly impossible to maintain a coherent canon any longer. The greatest loss of that transition was Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy, but so too were lost other popular series like X-Wing: Rogue Squadron and, as Thomas Bacon at Screenrant points out, lesser-known works such as the Star Wars Adventure Journals and Star Wars Gamer.

Wallace, seizing on the opportunity to revisit some of those now-Legends fan favorites, weaves into The Rebel Files a tapestry of references to the formerly canon works. Perhaps most significantly, he delves into the very beginnings of the Rebellion; secret meetings between Bail Organa, Padmé Amidala, and Mon Montha as they rally senators to sign the Petition of 2,000, a measure by which they implored the Supreme Chancellor to give up his emergency powers and make peace with the Separatists.

Lucas only touched on these events briefly, and the scenes ultimately found their way to the cutting room floor, so it’s nice to see them restored to canon. Other EU references are so obscure only the really diehard fans will recognize them… but they are certain to appreciate them when they do.

Originally released by Chronicle Books as a deluxe edition in November of 2017 (complete with a replica of the secret dossier case described in the book), the publisher describes The Rebel Files as a collection of “classified documents, intercepted transmissions, and gathered communications to trace the formation of the Rebel Alliance.”

Now available in a book-only edition as of July 3, 2018, The Rebel Files is a comprehensive read for those wanting to trace ‘the Rebel Alliance from its formation through its tireless fight against the Empire and the First Order.”