SDCC 2018: Power Rangers Legacy Wars Street Fighter Showdown Trailer didn’t just drop…it EXPLODED!


What a world we live in Ladies and Gents!

Bat in the Sun along with Lionsgate films are going to make a short film releasing this fall featuring your favorite Rangers and Street Fighters. Here’s the trailer below


After the success of Bat in the Sun’s shorts of Green Ranger Vs. Ryu and White Ranger Vs. Scorpion this seems like that natural progression. Particularly to drop this during the whole Shattered Grid.

Obviously you can see Jason David Frank is back for a 3rd installment as Tommy Oliver and Peter Jang reprises his role as Ryu. Now we have a new comer from Power Rangers Mega / SuperMega Force Ciara Hanna who comes back in her BAMF leather jacket as Gia, we’re not sure which suit as of yet, but I’m hoping for a new stylized SuperMega Yellow suit!

Seems M.bison has been revived and has been powered up by an “evil sorceress” (Rita duh!) and it’s up to the Power Rangers to make it right, but this time with some help from the heroes of Street Fighter and YES they MORPH! We can’t be for certain which Street Fighters will morph…….


But WAIT there’s more!!!

If you were just as flabbergasted as I was you might have missed it. When the trailer dropped the RYU RANGER is now available in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

Ryu Ranger!

After the biggest update to Legacy Wars it left some fans as to why we need to draw from the classic Capcom fighter. Well here you have it the love-child of Rangers and Fighter, donning a very unique suit that seems like a nice balance between the two franchises. I wonder how long before we see cosplayers?


Hope we get another “Power Fighter” or “Street Ranger” soon!


Who would you want to see in a ranger suit? Leave your comments below


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