Telling the story of Star Wars on film has taken over four decades. Marvel Comics will now try span the entire Star Wars saga it in thirty issues.

With all the reveals at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 this weekend, including the announcement of The Clone Wars returning and a plethora of collectibles, there was plenty to excite even the casual Star Wars fan. Multiple outlets, including IGN and Bleeding Cool News, reported from the Lucasfilm Publishing panel and provided some details about the massive undertaking at Marvel Comics.

On the heels of the current series chronicling the period of time between Episodes IV and V, Marvel will now mirror the storytelling structure of the films with a new comic series spanning all three eras of the Star Wars saga, in three arcs, thirty issues total: Star Wars: Age of Republic; Star Wars: Age of Rebellion; and Star Wars: Age of Resistance.

Much to fans’ chagrin, the publisher remained tight-lipped when it came to details about the new series other than to tell us that each issue will likely be a duet of stories focusing on one hero and one villain from each era, and to reveal the writers for each: Jody Houser for Age of Republic; Greg Pak, Age of Rebellion; and Tom Taylor rounds out the comic trilogy with Age of Resistance.

Star Wars: Age of Republic #1- Houser/Ross (Marvel)

By revealing the cover of Age of Republic, Issue #1, however, Lucasfilm Publishing did let slip the fact that Luke Ross will be among the illustrators for the series.

With no other details to go on, including a possible release day, we do at least know this: the storytelling is bound to be compelling and the artwork stellar. Houser and Ross make a perfect tandem, evidenced by their teamwork on the comic adaptation of Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn.

Marvel Comics: ThrawnStar Wars: Thrawn #1 – Houser/Ross (Marvel)

Pak will be new to Star Wars storytelling, the bulk of his Marvel Comics work to date having been centered on the X-Men universe.

Tom Taylor, however, makes his return to the galaxy far, far away after a six-year hiatus, having last written Star Wars tales for Dark Horse with Star Wars: Darth Maul – Death Sentence in 2012.

Star Wars: Maul – Death Sentence #1 –  Taylor/Redondo/Heisler (Dark Horse)

One this is certain: whenever the new series drops, it’s going to be epic.