With no new films on the horizon until December of next year, the Star Wars presence at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was somewhat, and expectedly, subdued (okay, except for that news, which we’ll get to in a moment). That’s not to say there weren’t some definite highlights. Here’s the Best of SDCC 2018, Star Wars style.

Claudia Gray Returns to the Mix.

Fans of the old Expanded Universe, mostly comprised of written works, should rejoice; Lucasfilm Publishing is certainly not shying away from continuing that tradition with new canon novels. One of the best announcements of the weekend was that Claudia Gray would be penning a new novel, Master and Apprentice, focusing on the relationship between Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jin and his padawan, a young Obi-Wan Kenobi.

SDCC 2018 Star Wars

Already having established herself as a Star Wars stalwart with Lost Stars and the critically acclaimed Bloodline, Gray is more than capable of providing the depth to these characters that was decidedly lacking in A Phantom Menace. This should be on everyone’s reading list.