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While I stress the following is only rumor, it does fit in with a lot of what has been said regarding episode 9. The latest rumor is that the master himself, George Lucas, is being brought in to help work on the episode 9 script. Disney, after the low Solo box office and split opinions on The Last Jedi is reportedly consulting with Lucas on story ideas and plot points to help finish the saga’s 9th movie. George worked Closely with Dave Filoni in creating the Clone Wars scripts, ideas and characters, but ever since the buyout, Lucas, as far as we know has been on the outside looking in regarding the films. Is this a good idea though?

I think there are mixed points going both ways on this. My biggest fear is that Disney is overreacting to the wrong signals after Solo. With Solo performing so low, Disney is questioning everything and is very reactive to everything going on. It sounds like Disney is no longer trusting anything and the are jumping at what all the fans (and supposed fans) are saying. Sound familiar? Can you name another studio that hires new people, changes its plan and reinvents the wheel every time a movie comes out and fans disagree on the merits of the movie? If Disney starts doing what DC is doing with its movies, it will be best if Disney just stops with movies.

A positive to this is of course that you have the creator himself involved with the final chapter of saga. This was Lucas’ baby and vision. Who would know it better than he? Yes the prequels were widely ripped, but it had to do with the dialogue and how Lucas directed the actors. “Faster. More Intense” only gets you so much. It sounds like what he is being used for now is mainly story points and ideas. It really sounds like they are attempting to wrap up this saga to not only end this trilogy but end the sagas all together. If the Saga is truly the Skywalker story line, it may be time as we are out of Skywalkers proper. We have one of the bloodline left, but if they redeem Kylo back to Ben Solo I will be seriously disappointed.

Maybe Luke was half right. It isn’t time for the Jedi to end, but it is time for the Skywalkers to end. I truly think if Rey was hunting down Jedi master Jex Ploski instead of Luke Skywalker, the Last Jedi would have been received completely different. TLJ was a great film. It just wasn’t what certain people wanted when it came to THEIR Luke Skywalker. New series in new eras with new people take away all the problems of preconceived notions.

The Clone Wars I think have been the best new Star Wars content of everything post prequels. In making the series, Filoni directed the show, but Lucas had a great deal of input. This is what can happen when Lucas’ mind is put behind a great director. Look at Empire. It is the same formula. George is one of the worst directors of the modern era, but he is also the greatest story teller and visionary of our time. One would not be out of place linking him with greats like Tolkien and Lewis. Using him to close out the saga and give it a feel that encompasses all the films before it is a great idea.

Can It Be Done?

This is the biggest issue I have. My biggest gripe of the new trilogy was not the individual films, but the overall thread that runs through them. Force Awakens was a solid film that showed what would be possible. The Last Jedi was a good film, but it does not match up with TFA. If you are doing a trilogy, unless your entire story concludes in about a month’s time, you cant have film 2 be weeks after the first movie and the third film be years later. The pacing is not only way off, JJ now has to cram so much into the last story I don’t know how he is going to do it without it feeling as rushed as Revenge of the Sith.

Our princess being gone does complicate things even further. Sadly no one could control that. This was to be her movie. If the pattern could have stayed Han’s movie, Luke’s movie and Leia’s movie, there would have been a poetic finality to the saga. Unfortunately, this last film will need to be retooled because of that. I really hope JJ with the help from Lucas can find a way to wrap this saga, from 1-9, up in a satisfactory bundle. I just don’t see how They can do it and get everything in that needs to be covered in less than four hours. Trust the force.