Mark Hamill finally gets to officially welcome Billy Dee Williams back to the Star Wars universe.  Hamill loves the attention and action around the Star Wars films.  He has a long history of playing with fans over highly controversial and debated topics.  Today he got to welcome someone he has barely worked with.

Hamill is showing his excitement and enthusiasm over not having to hold a secret any more with the casting announcement that was released yesterday.  While Lando and Luke share very little screen time together, Billy Dee is the last of the major players to not have returned to the new trilogy.  As Hamill points out, with his name on the cast list, he only has 17 months left of dodging the question in what role will he be back.

Another interesting tidbit is that Hamill is showing his inner Skywalker obsession as he seems to have adopted one of Luke’s tag lines from The Last Jedi.  Right before he disappears in his fight with Kylo, Luke tell Kylo “See you around kid,” and vanishes.  In his tweet, Mark ends it with the hashtag #SeeYouAroundKids.  Somehow I think Mark is going to have fun with the mandatory silence he will be under for the next year and a half.

Both Lando and Luke will be widely speculated about until episode nine comes out at the end of 2019.