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Rogue One co-creator Gary Whitta recently talked about how there were plans for Rogue One to originally have the traditional Star Wars opening crawl before it was decided the non-episode films would not have the crawl.  Gary tweeted:

“I did write a crawl, and I remember thinking it was neat that it was the same number of words as the one in A New Hope.  This was before the (correct) decision not to have opening crawls for the standalones.”

I remember when Rogue One was nearing completion.  There were plenty of debates about whether it should have the opening crawl or not.  It wouldn’t be Star Wars without it, yet this was not a traditional saga film so it should be different.  Interesting to learn that had Rogue One gotten the crawl, it would have had the same word count as A New Hope, especially given all the other close tie-ins the two films had.  Add that to your next Star Wars trivia night.