Kelly Marie Tran may have shut down her social media, but like her character Rose Tico, Tran is a fighter and isn’t going away. Co-star Mark Hamill, Director Rian Johnson and others have already spoken out in Tran’s defense, but just recently the actress garnered additional support in the fight against online racism and sexism from an unlikely source; the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Katie Leung, who portrayed Cho Chang through seven Harry Potter films, sent Tran a not-so-subtle statement of support via Instagram when she posted a picture of herself sporting a T-shirt displaying Tran’s likeness from The Force Awakens:

unlikely source
A recent report at the Dork Side of the Force tells us that the Deathly Hallows actress wasn’t done there; she took to Twitter to directly reply to one online troll, stating “Racism/Misogyny is a bitch. Get well soon.” In what should come as no surprise, the troll’s tweet is no longer available online.

Star Wars fandom has come under fire lately, and rightfully so, for the pointed and often times hateful bigotry thrown at actors because of their race, gender, or because of the fact that fans simply didn’t like the characters. Kelly Marie Tran wasn’t the first to suffer such an online assault, either. The Force Awakens star Daisy Ridley also closed off her public social media accounts following sexist comments, taunts and accusations of her character being a “Mary Sue.” While some criticisms of the characters are certainly warranted, these types of personal attacks are uncalled for. While the wizarding would may be an unlikely source of support for the cause, other actors are certainly rallying.

Kelly Marie Tran and Daisy Ridley are nevertheless soldiering on with the clear support of the Disney and Lucasfilm studios. Both actresses were listed in the recent Episode IX casting announcement and are sure to feature prominently in the upcoming, final installment of the sequel trilogy. Like her tenacious character, I’m sure Kelly Marie Tran won’t give up without a fight, either.